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Learning Interventions - Leading by Learning....

The scenarios in which businesses operate are changing very rapidly. What is termed as the latest technology today is deemed obsolete the day after. As a result, Business Leaders & Heads across Organizations need to update and upgrade their knowledge regularly, to be on the top of their game and compete effectively in the long run. The Learning Interventions developed by Catallyst Constellations, along with some of the most sought after management thought leaders and professors from across the leading universities of the world, and addresses these challenges.

Catallysts is responding to this fast-changing landscape by designing new courses that are customized to fit. We also want leadership teams to have practical experiences along with researched knowledge; so we develop specialized business simulations and case studies that have inputs from all over the world. The programs offered range from refreshing business fundamentals, to help leaders operating in one industry shift to and learn from experiences in other industries and geographies, to programs focusing on innovative and disruptive strategies and businesses.

The faculty, who are leaders in their fields, assist in small group and one-on-one coaching to help participants introspect and provide fresh insights and concepts, allowing them to make measurable impact when they return to their organizations.

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