Catallysts Initiatives » Analytics & Management Research

At Catallysts, we believe that growth and leadership is a function of knowledge discovery, innovating strategic tools and techniques for analysis as well as doing in-depth research on varied topics, leading to better insights and understanding. It is with such tools and insights that Catallysts is able to provide deeper impact to its clients, impeccable value additions and acceleration towards desired organizational goals.

Incorporating scientific approaches and methods to problem solving, Catallysts has developed deep expertise in intelligent reporting and predictive analytics across a large spectrum of structured and unstructured data. Predictive analytics is used as a core to our Advisory Services, leading to deep insights about the root causes of current problems and help understand future changes. We focus on end-to-end life cycle management of customers, employees and markets through innovative predictive analytics solutions.

Catallysts has a unique IP on non-English Analytics and mining, which includes Arabic, South Asian Languages and double-byte Asian languages.

Our key business advisory offerings include,

  • Non-English and Regional Language analytics
  • Big Data Analytics for Business Opportunities

Research in management areas is a very niche and a domain intensive space for Catallysts. Catallysts engages in various research initiatives for variety of industries, markets, domains, which are critical and strategic to our clients. Catallysts' strength in focused management research is enabled by its Catallysts CubeTM, for it allows an active network of research experts from top-notch institutes, research firms, independent researchers etc., in addition to our own experts, thus expanding the span of knowledge and bandwidth that Catallysts can bring to its engagements.