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Global events of last few years have very vividly shown us that the world today is rather more interconnected and interdependent - impacting the markets and the choices organizations make, thus forcing a continuous and rapid re-definition of business models, market & customer segments, technology landscape and very importantly, management and leadership capabilities.

Firms, which are committed to Leading the Change rather follow, often consider revaluating their vision and strategies, to be more adaptable and agile to respond to dynamism in their business environment. They also realize that adopting best practices may at best bring them at par with the firm's from which they were adopted, hence creating Next Practices becomes their way of working. Additionally, they also know that best-of-breed processes and structures will not bring in the desired outcome, until its decision-makers have brought-in and aligned to the need for change and their individual roles in this endeavour.

This collaboration of non-human and human elements and a collective mind-set refers to the Firm's Way. It represents the commonality of firm's established vision and its execution, at all levels of the firm and across all functions.

Catallysts partners with its clients in their journey to re-discover their Firm's Way! with following engagement objectives:

  • To rediscover the vision and mission of the firm based on its ambitions and its desired impact on the business environment
  • To co-create the firm ways of business in the context of the outcome that it wants to achieve from transforming itself
  • To enable firm's key decision-makers to co-create next practices enabled by leadership alignment and development

Catallysts recommends the following methodology to discover your Firm's Way;